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Proud Small Business in the City of Lithonia

Fresh Cigars


Astounding Boutique Cigars

For enthusiasts, entering a cigar lounge is a place of solace and fellowship. It is also a unique shopping experience where scent, taste, and meticulous temperature and humidity control play a vital role in the overall experience of smoking a cigar. An experienced cigar smoker knows the slightest change to the environment, or improper handling, can alter the end result of smoking the cigar. Thus, it is of the essence proper care is taken to ensure every customer is afforded the finest smoking experience possible.


Our humidor is complete with appealing, blended cigars which are hand-rolled to perfection. Oftentimes, boutique cigars lack the marketing funds to compete with larger brands. Yet, these cigars consistently have the desired taste and preferred construction. Come visit us and relish in our lavish collection of boutique cigars.

Truly Great Coffee 


Many people delight in the smell of coffee brewing—but have you ever wondered why there is a vast difference between the smell and taste of coffee? Once you take the first sip, the aroma moves upward from the inside of your mouth to the back of your nose. This process tends to alter the way you experience the actual coffee flavour.


Coffee and cigars complement one another, offering a unique pairing as the flavours from each tend to overlap seamlessly. Although the flavours are dependent upon where each plant is grown, for the most part both will contain earthy tones, a hint of spice, and a faint acidic quality. Considering such, combining a fine cigar with a quality cup of coffee will provide a fantastically balanced range of flavours, which help to enhance the overall experience of each.


Wine & Spirits

One way of enjoying the finer things in life is by pairing a delectable glass of wine with the perfect cigar. Matching wine with the right type of cigar can either complement or enhance its flavor. If you are not a big fan of brandy and other liquors, a fruity glass of wine would be your alternative option as it offers the same luxury.


Whether it’s cigar and scotch pairing, cigar and beer pairing or any cigar and liquor pairing, even experienced cigar smokers and spirit connoisseurs can find themselves at a loss when pairing cigars and drinks. In fact, figuring out which drinks to pair with cigars strikes many as a mystery. But it’s a mystery that can be solved using the tip of your tongue. Come test out theory...

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